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Room 416 at Covent Garden Hotel

Hotel rooms can be transient to some people, but to others they are home and Covent Garden Hotel’s Room 416 is home to one of our most loyal guests, so much so that she felt bereft when the room was out of action during refurbishment.

It might not be as spacious as the rooms below, but it is a neatly tucked away in the eaves of the building. The slanted walls are reminiscent of a cosy corner in a country cottage; it certainly has the charm. We set to work to create something truly contemporary and vibrant…

The Flora shaped headboard has been upholstered in Blithfield’s ‘Anoushka’ in the pink and blue colourway, the large pattern repeat draws your eye upwards and enhances the height of the otherwise quite low room.  We added a pop of colour by using a plain fuchsia wool on the depth, this not only makes the headboard stand out, but also draws out the more subtle pinks within the Blithfield fabric.

On the bed cushions we have used Carolina Irving’s Aegean Stripe in pink and green, piped in a green Moon wool to help them stand out against the headboard fabric.

As a team, we are no stranger to Pierre Frey’s Arsene collection, in fact some might say we have a soft spot for the bright colours and the textural quality of the fabric. Room 416 has a cosy space for two Min’s Tub Chairs and a round table to enjoy your breakfast. The Min’s Tubs are made up in a combination of cream and green Arsenes, with a bright fuchsia pipe to add that pop of colour we so dearly love.

In harmony with the chairs we have used Penny Morrison’s fresh green and white ‘Sketched Stripe’ on the sofa. It feels light and airy; piped in a navy Samuel & Sons leather piping it adds crisp definition.

The vibrancy of the pinks, blues and greens in this scheme are perfectly juxtaposed against the Flint Cloth Shop linen lining the walls. The moody yet striking tone of the fabric might be considered an unexpected choice by most.

If you look closely this is a monochrome weave, which from far away, gives a calming grey tone but is still textured in quality. The Flint helps ground the room and is a perfect example of how a neutral wall can help make a room feel elegant and inviting.

For an element of freshness, we chose G.P & J Baker ‘Sintra’ for the curtains. With delicate embroidered stripes of coloured thread on a light coloured backcloth, this fabric brightens the room, while the complexity of embroidery adds texture. With the size of the room, we specifically chose an intricate and soft texture, nothing heavy.

The Handle desk chair, end of bed stool and sofa cushions are all in my exciting new design: Chubby Check for Christopher Farr Cloth in the Hot Pink colourway. This fabric makes the room. It is exquisitely vibrant in well defined colours – fuchsia, green, black and white – with delicate detailing.

Recently launched at the Paris Deco Off, it comes in four colourways: Hot Pink, Indigo, Grey and Green. The design was inspired by an old kilim carpet design. Michal Silver and I played with the scale and pattern of the kilim to create this new collection. It is the new generation of our beloved ‘Lost and Found’ fabric. With a larger scale and finer detail, it has a more organic feel and plays on ethnic nuances. We firmly believe it will be a hit!

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