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Room 401 at The Soho Hotel

In our newly refurbished Room 401 at The Soho Hotel, we have created a refreshing and colourful palette full of energy and vibrancy. Who says you can’t use red, orange, yellow, green and blue together and still achieve an amazing result? Challenge accepted!

These colourful schemes are risky and require some clever tricks to make them work. Here are some tips to succeed with bold schemes like this one:

Balance the scheme with contrast

The yellow linen walls create a joyful environment. As it’s a fourth-floor room, the view and light couldn’t be better, but yellow might not always be everyone’s cup of tea. To address this, we’ve added some art with mirrors and a predominantly white background. This addition calibrates the room and doesn’t overload the scheme. This white, neutral touch balances the walls.

The headboard has been upholstered in Firewheel Trellis Royal by Utopia Goods. The trellis pattern gives structure and order to our curvy Sam Headboard, while the balance between opposites creates a lovely rhythm.

Combine patterns with plain and mixed textures

For the curtains, we have used the vibrant Danza fabric by GP & J Baker. Its colourful zig zag lines make the room look tall and contemporary. The sofa has been upholstered in my Loom Weave fabric, which adds texture to the scheme. Geometrics with different textures are always a good way to add variation.

As we already have three patterned fabrics in the room, we’ve kept the armchairs and cushions in plain linens. This allows us to use all the colours we want without creating an “old-fashioned” look.

Repeat elements

To pick up the headboard fabric and create a sense of harmony, we’ve used the same fabric on the sofa cushions and the mannequin. The fabric on the curtains is also used in the corridor of the room.

The yellow colour of the walls is echoed on the armchairs in the very thin piping. A small detail such as this one makes the space flow and closes the circle.

Don’t underestimate the importance of layout

Symmetry makes these schemes fresh, modern and neat. The warm lighting either side of the sofa create a perfect space where one would enjoy a good book.

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