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Room 304 at Covent Garden Hotel

Room 304 at Covent Garden Hotel captures timeless elegance and charm with its soft crimson and azure palette, delicate patterns and intricate details which reflect all the richness and romanticism of Covent Garden. Join us as we explore this new scheme…

The canopy bed is a quintessential element of British design and exudes sophistication. Here, a four-poster wooden frame with flowing curtains creates a sense of grandeur. This fabric design by Anna French is characterised by intricate floral motifs and paisley patterns. Combined with soft blue linen, it creates the atmosphere for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Whilst a dado rail is a traditional feature, it’s also an opportunity to experiment and create an interesting wall-scape as seen here. With delicate motifs that depict thistles and wild flowers, the wallpaper complements the canopy fabric. Beneath the dado rail is a soft duck egg blue which unites the different elements within this scheme.

The devil is always in the detail and we love adding character with artwork, lighting and of course, our mini signature mannequins! To bring a contemporary twist, we’ve upholstered antique chairs in our ‘Lost and Found’ fabric for Christopher Farr and have paired this with a geometric fabric by Pierre Frey on an antique dog chaise lounge. It’s all about layering and creating the unexpected!

We hope we’ve delighted you with this cosy and charming scheme. Explore more of our bedroom designs in our series of ‘Sleeping Around’ blog posts here.

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