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Room 302 at Knightsbridge Hotel

We are excited to share a new scheme we’ve designed for room 302 at Knightsbridge Hotel. This elegant space is a haven of tranquillity, promising a restful stay with its pallet of refreshing greens.

We have used our favourite ‘Wave’ fabric design by Fermoie for the walls and its soothing green colourway evokes a sense of nature. The star of the room is an eye-catching headboard, covered in a crewelwork floral fabric by Schumacher. It adds a pop of vibrancy and we love how its textures bring the scheme to life!

A geometric print fabric by Jane Churchill adorns the curtains, bringing a contemporary edge to the room. We have introduced accents of red throughout the space to create a sense of intrigue. Here, a Firmdale Mannequin stands in contrast beside the soft green walls and wears a decorative trim that serves as a charming belt.

More dominating accents of red have been introduced through artwork and piping details, infusing an impression of vitality and playfulness.

We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring room 302’s scheme which combines beauty, comfort and elegance. Explore more of our hotel schemes with our series of ‘Sleeping Around’ blog posts here.

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