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Room 301 at The Soho Hotel

Room 301 at The Soho Hotel is delightfully spacious and there is certainly room to dance after eating breakfast by the large warehouse style Crittall windows, looking over the rooftops of Soho.

We have used our curved design for the headboard, upholstered in a fabric by Jane Churchill.

This design is printed with added layers of embroidery to give it a luxurious handmade feel. We added a Fermoie orange linen to give the headboard depth with a subtle pop of colour.

We have used two fabrics for the walls. An unusual twill by Harlequin, combined with Etamine’s ‘Voyage a Tunis’. This is a colourful combination that hopes to evoke dreams of adventures and travel.

The curtains are bright yet simple, using a combination of Fermoie’s Fresco linen and Samarkand with a lovely beaded trim, which is a larger version of the trim on the sofa scatter cushions.

As the curtains are closed at night, the Nina Campbell trim chimes like the pouring of champagne. We cannot wait for you all to come and stay!

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