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Room 216 at Covent Garden Hotel

Christmas has landed in Covent Garden and it never fails to trigger our festive spirits. Enjoying the sights and shops of the market wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Covent Garden Hotel for a cosy glass of red or to enjoy some seasonal dishes at Brasserie Max.

Covent Garden Hotel has a traditional aesthetic, boasting high ceilings and large windows that flood its bedrooms with natural light. Room 216 is no exception. Rich with warm tones and bursts of colour, discover the details and design decisions that went into creating this space.

Tall rooms can benefit from a dado rail and room 216 is a strong example. Here the dado rail sets apart the wallpaper’s intricate textures from the white tones of the wall paint below. Both of which complement the headboard’s vibrant motif of proud women, dressed lavishly in decorative garments. Embroidered on hand woven Tussar silk, these intricate designs are emphasised by the simple grey tones of the background.

Accenting the embroidery, is a rich velvet boarder in a glorious peacock blue.  We’ve added nickel studs along the seam which give a contemporary touch.

We have dressed the windows in the same fabric used for the headboard. This is a way of achieving a smart and unified look when designing a scheme.

We’ve upholstered the sofa with a wide striped pattern of blue and grey hues, complemented by leather piping in buttery yellow. This colour choice brings together the splashes of yellow seen in the headboard’s design and we’ve used the same piping for the tub chair. Once again, a simple but effective way of using colour to create harmony.

For the bed and sofa cushions, we used a design from the Kit Kemp for Fine Cell Work collection: Rain Shadow Green Leaf. Inspired by the reflection of the sun’s rays on rain soaked leaves, the cushions’ embroidered yellow, green and cobalt blue tones are a fitting addition to this scheme.

Decoratively framed and pitched above the sofa is a multi-coloured antique tapestry which we found during our travels through Mexico. It’s not just the headboard that evokes a sense of adventure! 

Room 216 at Covent Garden Hotel is a great example of how to introduce bursts of colour and daring detail, whilst paying homage to traditional architecture. A rare but winning combination of eclectic elegance! 

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