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Room 207 at The Soho Hotel

Let’s explore room 207 at The Soho Hotel where we have unveiled a new scheme. Here a combination of soft colours are mixed with cool shades of blue to create an elegant space…

We built this design around our Ashenwood fabric for Chelsea Textiles. Using the autumn colourway, we have upholstered a ruby shaped headboard and we love how it showcases the fabric’s embroidered geometric patterns.

To complement the headboard’s intricate detail and colour, we have dressed the walls with a light blue linen. This is paired with a darker blue, found on the bed valance and an end of bed stool, creating a rich layer. We’ve used a deep red for the headboard’s depth and cushion piping, bringing cohesion between these elements.

As we move through the room, hints of green are introduced through the sofa and tub chairs. This helps give the room a contemporary aesthetic, whilst also creating a stage for the artwork and curtains to sing.

We selected a floral curtain design which picks up colours from our ‘Ashenwood’ fabric. Also full of embroidered detail, the curtains create a sense of romance.

Our signature Firmdale mannequin has been upholstered to match the curtains. This gives an additional opportunity to appreciate the fabric’s repeat pattern – as we often say, the devil is in the details! Our mannequin’s belt draws attention to our use of red piping and also creates a crisp contrast.

For a finishing touch, we have placed a large antique tapestry above the sofa. We love using artwork to bring extra layers of character to a room.

We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring room 207 at The Soho Hotel. Find more of our bedroom designs in our series of ‘Sleeping Around’ blog posts here.

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