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Room 207 at Crosby Street Hotel

In Room 207 at Crosby Street Hotel our guests are transported into the magical world of ‘Emily’s Garden’, a fabulous wallpaper mural by Melissa White in collaboration with fine jeweller, Larkspur & Hawk.

The painterly story and soft tonal colour palette is paired with my delicate ‘Autumn Leaf’ fabric from my collection with Christopher Farr Cloth, which sits subtly on the bed cushions and mannequin.

With such a detailed story on the walls, I knew that the rest of the room almost needed to fade away against the romance of ‘Emily’s Garden’.

On the headboard we have used Andrew Martin’s Palazzo Storm on the border, paired with Summit Salmon, a two-tone herringbone in dusty salmon pink and white. These soft, neutral tones complement the curtains in a subtle weave with interwoven pinks, blues and greens, trimmed with Samuel & Sons French Jumbo Ric Rac on the leading edge.

The intricate storytelling of ‘Emily’s Garden’ brings this room to life.

As you step through the door, you are transported to a mythical, luscious land of rolling hills, picturesque pergolas and gallivanting white monkeys, a far cry from the sprawling cityscapes of New York.

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