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Room 206 at Haymarket Hotel

A new scheme is always exciting and we’d love to share a new bedroom that we’ve designed. Join us as we explore room 206 at Haymarket Hotel…

This spacious corner bedroom basks in daylight and has beautiful views of (recently renamed) His Majesty’s Theatre. The walls are adorned in a soft aqua linen, creating the perfect canvas for our scheme. Floral patterns are embroidered on the curtains with their teal, red and blue tones weaving together in a crewel style stitch.

At centre stage, is our custom applique ‘Flora’ headboard. Taking inspiration from the curtain’s fabric design, we have used complementing colours and shapes for the applique to create a strong sense of continuity. To frame the design, we’ve used metal studding while a contrasting navy depth matches the valance in rich wool. Visit ‘Our Dos & Don’ts for Upholstery Studding’ here.

Throughout the space, we’ve used matching navy wool and studding to create a common thread between the scheme’s elements. Using a double row of studs gives even more strength to a piece.

For the sofa and desk chair upholstery, we’ve used  ‘Racing Stripe’, a woven fabric by Mulberry Home. We have emphasised patterns on the sofa cushions with cherry red piping. A pop of contrasting colour will always bring bursts of energy into a space!

Calm yet vibrant, we hope you’ve enjoyed exploring our new scheme for room 206 at Haymarket Hotel. Explore more of our bedroom schemes with our series of ‘Sleeping Around’ blog posts here.

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