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Room 201 at Warren Street Hotel

In this week’s instalment of ‘Sleeping Around’, we invite you to step into Room 201 at Warren Street Hotel, where cosy hues of reds and yellows come together to create a smart yet playful ambiance sure to bring a smile to your face.

The focal point of this room is our stunning ‘Flora’ headboard, upholstered in the exquisite Rosebank fabric. Inspired by an original East Indies batik from the 1890s, this fabric sets the mood with its timeless charm. Framed on a deep red wool and adorned with nickel studding, the ‘Flora’ headboard exudes character while maintaining an organic and soft feel amidst the bold colour palette.

For the two tub chairs, we’ve opted for our ‘Live It Up’ fabric, featuring tight stripes that blend seamlessly into a solid hue from afar, yet reveal intricate reds, yellows, and oranges upon closer inspection. The curtains make a bold statement with their large print fabric, boasting wide red, green, and yellow stripes that tie the room together. While it’s not typical for us to use neutral walling, in this case, it allows the surrounding elements to shine as the true stars of the show, creating a striking contrast against the vibrant curtains.

Contrasting the floral fabric of the headboard, the sofa opposite is upholstered in a geometric crewel work fabric, adding texture and contemporary flair to the room. Artwork plays a pivotal role in completing the room’s aesthetic, adding a tailored touch to each space. The room truly comes to life with the simple yet powerful combination of paintings adorning the walls. We’re particularly fond of how our ‘Rockin’ Robin’ standing light echoes the circular shapes found in the artwork, adding layers of interest through shape and texture.

We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring the scheme of Room 201, where beauty, comfort, and elegance converge to offer the perfect retreat within the bustling city. For more insights into our hotel schemes, check out our series of ‘Sleeping Around’ blog posts here.

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