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Room 108 at Dorset Square Hotel

When designing our bedroom schemes, we often find that a smaller space means we have to be even more creative. At Dorset Square Hotel in Marylebone, Room 108 posed just such a challenge. However, with a few clever tricks, we were able to make the room feel more spacious without becoming a minimal, whitewashed box.

Mirrors can increase the perceived size of any space. In this room, we have mounted artwork and wall lights on to antiqued mirrored glass panels. This makes the mirrored wall feel less obvious and more homely.

We opted for curtains in the same fabric as the walls with a beaded trim detail on the leading edge to create a more tailored and considered look.

The narrow bookcase between the between the wardrobes breaks up what would otherwise be a block of colour – something to avoid in a smaller space. The back-lighting creates a sense of depth beyond the books and the illusion of a larger space.

The scheme centres around the vibrant Pierre Frey fabric on the statement headboard which sits in dialogue with the frame on the mirrored wall.

This cosy room shows how these key design tricks, combined with pattern and colour can brighten any space.

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