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Room 102 at Covent Garden Hotel

Join us as we explore one of our recent schemes at Covent Garden Hotel. Here in room 102, a soothing palette of green and blue revels in the art of layering to create a comforting refuge. It’s a breath of fresh air!

Dado rails are a traditional architectural feature, adding a decorative touch. Here, we’ve used one of our favourite fabrics by Jane Churchill to cover the walls above the dado. This is paired with a refreshing green paint below for a calming and refreshing backdrop. A bed canopy (or half-tester as we’ve designed here), is a way to celebrate British design and charm. To reflect nature within, we’ve used a floral embroidered fabric from Christian Lee. Reminiscent of Australian eucalyptus leaves, the design cascades around the headboard and on the curtains, creating a comforting cocoon for the perfect night’s sleep.

We’re no strangers to mixing patterns. The headboard and sofa are upholstered in geometric fabrics adding an element of contrast and balance to the soft floral designs. This grounds the space and creates a contemporary twist to the traditional elements of the room. Find our guide to mixing organic and geometric patterns here.

For a delightful element of surprise we’ve wrapped a chest of draws in our ‘Moon’ fabric for Andrew Martin. Never be afraid to be bold and layer! We hope you’ve enjoyed this soothing scheme.

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