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Room 102 at Charlotte Street Hotel

We love a good combination of blue and green. It’s not often that you will see these two colours combined, but when you strike the perfect balance you’re swept away into a summery haze, drifting through endless days by the blue sea and cocooned by the rolling hills.

Today, we will walk you through Room 102 at Charlotte Street Hotel. A breath of fresh air, this room is sure to bring a smile to your face.

As a starting point, we have dressed the walls in a turquoise blue linen that sets a calm and peaceful atmosphere. The Manuel Canova fabric represents a modern twist on the classic ikat, which we have made the protagonist of the room by using it on the headboard.

Following the organic flow of the print, we have also used a large scale pattern fabric for the curtains by Clarke & Clarke. This exquisite fabric has embroidered details which add texture and depth to the room. The aqua and citron shades pick out the colours from the headboard, continuing the story of a soft yet bold, familiar yet fresh room.

The navy blue bed cushions are piped with a bright lime contrast, giving the room an edge and helping to marry the wash of blue and green.

Two Polly chairs frame the fireplace, upholstered in a smaller and more simple pattern repeat. Whilst complementing the colours of the room, they introduce an important dimension to the scheme. The side table and picture frame complete the scene, creating an inviting and cosy place to rest after exploring all that Fitzrovia has to offer.

Room 102 is a good example of how subtle blues and fresh greens can create a calming space without relying on the usual neutrals.

These serene combinations of colours allow bold patterns to rest alongside each other in harmony. We hope you have enjoyed it and have persuaded you to use these two colours fearlessly next time you are scheming.

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