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Room 1004 at Warren Street Hotel

Amidst the hustle and bustle of New York City, a vibrant oasis awaits in suite 1004 at Warren Street Hotel. Join us as we share the colourful charm of Suite 1004.

As you enter, the first thing you’ll notice is the incredible textured grass cloth wallpaper ‘Monsoon’ which we designed in collaboration with Christopher Farr. Inspired by the tribal villages of Hazaribagh in north-eastern India. We chose to use the green colourway to bring the essence of nature within, infusing the space with a sense of organic movement and to revel in new beginnings.

Pierre Frey’s ‘Festival’ fabric brings a burst of colour into the room on the curtains, delightfully echoing a lively calypso rhythm. To maintain this unexpected element of surprise, we used the same fabric to upholster our Kit’s Wing chair, continuing the dancing rhythm of colour.

We used green and yellow tones to capture the marvel of nature and to bring a sense of playfulness and comfort to the space. The shades of green evoke lush landscapes and the pops of yellow energise the space.

Our collaboration with Annie Selke sparked a wave of inspiration, leading us to customise our Chesterfield sofa with the ‘Arrow cushion’ fabric, complete with striking black and white piping detail. The pattern, reminiscent of our safari adventures, further captures our spirit of adventure and travel. Discover our full collection here.

We adore the vibrancy emanating from these artworks by Danish artist Emily Gernild, injecting a delightful pop of colour and fruity flair into the space.

Upon entering the bedroom, you’ll be enveloped in the soothing embrace of embroidered dark grey and green fabrics, creating a serene haven for a peaceful sleep. The floral pattern adorning the headboard introduces a natural element amidst the geometric design, evoking the sensation of being nestled among canopies and infusing the space with a refreshing sense of rejuvenation.

We hope you have enjoyed looking around room 1004 at Warren Street Hotel. To view more of our Sleeping Around blog posts, click here.

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