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Reasons to Celebrate – National Days

If there’s something we love, it’s a national or global day. A day where you can come together as a team to celebrate some of the most niche appreciations out there. March was quite the month for it, so here are some of our very favourite national days from the past month!

Lights Out – Global Sleep Day

What was your favourite bedtime story as a child? Did you dream about sugar plums or tap dancing?

Friday was World Sleep Day (not to be mistaken with National Napping Day on the 15th). As you may have guessed, we know a thing or two about sleep. Each of our 642 rooms across our hotels in London and New York are completely unique yet with one thing in common…a large and sumptuous bed!

Our beds are higher than most, with a large base and thick quilted mattresses. Each of our bed bases are always adorned with our signature bespoke headboards, beautiful bed cushions and a fabric valance, often with a subtle design feature such as a contrasting kick pleat or braid to add the va-va-voom to the bedroom.

Spring Equinox

It’s official – there’s a date for it, Spring arrived on 20th March. As if the last year hasn’t felt long enough, the winter seemed to have started a little early and is still trying to cling on with its icy mitts. As the trees are starting to bloom with their pearly blossom buds, and greenery emerges from the undergrowth, we are filled with hope and excitement for the times ahead. Spring brings change and new promises – that incredibly fresh colour that can only be seen on the newest of leaves.

It feels like the earth is collectively taking a big intake of air as it takes its first steps away from the gloomy winter months.

Women’s History Month

Need we say more. March is the month for bowing down to the incredible women in our lives and celebrating the women who have shaped our planet. Whether it’s Rosa Parks or Oprah, your mum, or the lady who delivers your post.

We used this as an opportunity to revisit some of the most inspiring female artists who are currently displayed in our hotels CLICK HERE to read all about them.

St Patrick’s Day – 17th March

Oh to be in an Irish bar, the floors sticky with split Guinness, everyone embracing and wearing shamrocks and stripy socks. Last year was celebrated by prancing the streets, but alas, lockdown hit just a short while afterwards. This year we are saving our energy for when we can be together again, and instead celebrating our very favourite green schemes…

International Day of Happiness – 20th March

Although we feel the ‘International Day of Happiness’ should be an every day event, we’re glad there is a special day for it each year – any excuse to smile and do good deeds!

What is happiness to you? Is it being with friends and loved ones? A favourite book or artwork? Here are some of our favourite artworks throughout our hotels that make us smile…

National Poetry Day – 21st March

Roses are red, violets and blue… National Poetry Day is the one day where we can take a moment to unearth our favourite poems, especially if that poem is by our very own Minnie Kemp. Minnie wrote a thought of the day inspired by Duncan Grant. Read the full extract HERE.

My white cat Radish, thumps
His lil’ paws like ballet pumps
The soft tinker whiles me away
On a zephyr to another day
With silk and pearls, goosebumps
Locked down maybe
But still ethereal baby

If you have missed any of these days, don’t worry, they happen each year so make a note in your diary. Look out for Earth Hour on the 27th, National ‘I am in Control Day’, and the equally important National ‘Respect your Cat Day’ on the 28th, the last two of which we feel go hand in hand or rather paw in paw!

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