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Ramiro Fernandez Saus

Zebras, monkeys, captains and maids – Ramiro Fernandez Saus takes us on adventures to faraway lands, and unveils secrets inside outlandish interiors. Ramiro’s theatrical world invites us in and we are captivated by his heightened sense of reality.

Ramiro Fernandez Saus has become one of the most well-known Spanish artists of his generation. We have long been admirers and collectors of his works. At The Whitby Hotel, opposite the bar and in the centre of the bustling restaurant, hangs ‘My Summer House’. It’s a view which makes you want to go on holiday immediately, with little birds and dogs, and huge sofas overlooking the sea. To my mind, he’s just a very lyrical artist.

Ramiro’s works are not constrained by a timeline, but are intermingled memories, and it is their playful and uplifting nature we enjoy so much.

In the newly decorated Prince events room at Crosby Street Hotel, we have hung Ramiro’s ‘Last Summer’ at the head of the table. This richly-hued painting brings the colour and energy of summer to this lower ground space.

‘Conversation Piece’ is a tiny bronze sculpture that sits on a fireplace surround. Upon a miniature Rococo sofa sits a black cat, who is in conversation with a spotted dog. This whimsical sculpture adds a touch of humour, and sparks a conversation itself.

At our pop-up at Turnell & Gigon in Chelsea Harbour last year, a Ramiro dominates the bedroom area with its dramatic composition. A row of tall stylised trees casts shadows onto a moustached gentleman who is walking his leopard. We enter a playful dream world and bask in the Indian sunlight. Anxieties of the present vanish and this is what is so appealing about Ramiro’s works.

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