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Pippa Caley’s Exquisite Embroidery

Without a doubt, our favourite part of working in design is collaborating with exceptionally talented and inspiring artisans. For over a decade we have joined forces with the wonderful Pippa Caley, who specialises in bespoke and totally unique embroidered fabrics.

Like us, Pippa is inspired by the organic forms and vibrant colours of the natural world. Pippa masterfully blends traditional embroidery with more contemporary techniques including digital and screen-printing. Pippa’s Irish embroidery machine enables her to turn drawn marks into stitches and it is this ‘drawing with the needle’ technique where her passion lies.

Pippa’s designs are intricate, bold and textured, a must for us at the Kit Kemp Design Studio! Below we have selected some of our favourite designs that we have worked on with Pippa over the last 10 years.

The Whitby Suite

In front of the floor-to-ceiling Crittall windows overlooking the New York skyline are two sofas with an oversize scroll back and globe-shaped legs. We covered these in a combination of our favourite boiled wools by Holland & Sherry.

We wrapped the back and legs in a darker shade and the front and scrolled back in a lighter wool which emphasises the unique shape of the sofa.

Panels of the darker shade are spaced evenly across the sofa and Pippa has combined her delicate drawn marks with bold stripes running down the panels. With cushions to match, it is a wonderful combination. In the creator’s honour we have named this the Pippa Sofa.

The Autumnal Headboard

One of the first projects we worked on with Pippa is this embroidered headboard. Large autumnal leaves cover the expanse of the headboard in jewel-like colours. Some of these peel forward to reveal a striking cobalt blue behind. The result is a reviving and uplifting headboard – it is a piece of art.

Charlotte Street Hotel’s Loft Suite

This Loft Suite at Charlotte Street Hotel called out for an impressive walling design with its double-height ceilings and cosy mezzanine bedroom.

Our Tall Trees mural design created with Melissa White adorns the walls and Pippa Caley’s embroidered cushions and headboard work perfectly to embellish the room.

We usually opt for an oversized headboard as the focal point of the bedroom, however due to height restrictions this wasn’t possible. Pippa’s headboard in varying green and golden tones, punctuated with fuchsia accents makes this a bed fit for a queen!

The Soho Hotel’s Library

Two large Pippa sofas dominate the room, each embroidered with individual delicate flowers and petals.

The soft boiled wool panels have been embroidered together with lime green flashes, yellow ochres and sages. The detail is mesmerising.

Wool Week at Somerset House

The stylist Arabella McNie asked us to create a room at Somerset House for a celebration of Wool Week.

The room was a celebration of wool and Pippa embellished the white wool headboard in her signature delicate and three-dimensional flowers.

The Whitby Hotel’s Sofa

Moving away from Pippa’s organic style inspired by the natural world, this antique sofa at The Whitby Hotel is embroidered with a collage of overlapping motifs in shocking primary colours.

The panel of off-centred jagged red wool makes for a statement piece.

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