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Artist Spotlight: Peter Rocklin

We proudly collaborate with exceptional artists and designers to create interesting and distinctive spaces in our hotels. One of our favourite artists is Peter Rocklin, a visionary belonging to a new generation. Join us as we celebrate Rocklin and his photorealist paintings.

Over the years we have collaborated with Peter Rocklin to create unique artworks that resonate with Firmdale’s identity. Rocklin’s diverse works draw inspiration from a wide spectrum of subjects, capturing the essence of the moment with clarity. His art draws you in with its vivid and dynamic snapshots of still life.

At Crosby Street Hotel, his piece ‘Fanelli Cafe’ pays homage to one of New York City’s oldest bars, seamlessly blending cultural presence with the hotel’s charm.

One standout piece is the lively portrait of Kit’s daughter, Minnie Kemp, at Crosby Street Hotel, adding a personal and captivating touch to the room.

At The Soho Hotel, Rocklin’s depiction of chefs in the kitchen exudes warmth and liveliness, showcasing his exceptional skill and craftsmanship.

At Haymarket Hotel, you’ll find several of Rocklin’s artworks as well as a room named after him – ‘The Rocklin’.

Beneath, one of Rocklin’s masterpieces inspired by the London taxi, tells a vivid story through bold Cuban colours. To complement this, we’ve crafted a cocktail inspired by Rocklin’s work, the cocktail is a twist on the classic Old Fashioned with a tobacco aroma. A mix of rum, banana liquor, tobacco bitter, served on a chocolate ice block is sure to kick you back into a chilled vibe.

In the Events Lobby at The Whitby Hotel, we have a a captivating display of Rocklin’s artwork, each piece beautifully portraying moments from people’s everyday lives

We hope you love Peter Rocklin’s work as much as we do! If you haven’t experienced his creations, we welcome you to visit our hotels and immerse yourself in the unique and captivating world of Peter Rocklin’s paintings, each offering a distinct narrative.

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