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Over the Moon Pocket Squares

I love to see how our fabric designs can translate to other mediums and take on a new dimension. By scaling up or down the design, editing the colours and printing on a different material, we can take the design in a new direction. Our handmade silk pocket square featuring ‘Over the Moon’ is an example of this.

Here, a 43cm x 43cm silk is our canvas. The moons are incredibly detailed and can be reduced in size, which is important for the pocket square as you will only see a small section of the silk when it is in someone’s pocket or worn as a scarf.

We often find grouping elements in an uneven number; 3 or 5 perhaps, makes the composition interesting and balanced.

A full moon can be replaced by my KK stamp and tag; a small detail in a contrast colour that adds to the design, rather than detracting as labelling often does.

We wanted the pocket square to be really uplifting and an accent to someone’s outfit, so we extenuated the mottled background colour to a bright yet inky blue and also a hot pink. The hand stitch rolled edges complete that bespoke, tailored feel.

I like to tie them in a bow on the arm of my handbag, or use it as a neckerchief pulling it up over my mouth to act as my mask these days.

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