Out & About: Flora Soames ‘The One Day Box’ Book Launch

Out and About

Join us as we go 'out and about' in New York to celebrate Flora Soames first book launch: The One Day Box: A Life-Changing Love of Home....

With a background in both the furniture and art worlds, Flora Soames’ design philosophy is based on retaining the essence of a building or interior, whilst adapting the design in a way that is comfortable, stylish and practical. We love her modern yet eclectic approach and we were delighted to go ‘out and about’ in New York to celebrate her first book launch: The One Day Box: A Life-Changing Love of Home

Flora’s first book is part scrapbook, part story about her love of ‘home’ and where her (slightly out-of-control!) collecting habit has led her over the years. It includes the people and places that have shaped her: Her parents and their home in Norfolk where she grew up; her grandmother’s home and eclectic approach to decorating; her home in Dorset and the homes of her clients.

The photography in this book is beautiful with credit to British photographers Simon Upton and Bill Batten. Imagery depicts Flora’s fabulous fabric designs and wallpaper collections as well as the inspiration behind her designs.

The book feels deeply personal and the launch was hosted at the wonderful Gerald Bland in New York. Gerald ran the English furniture department at Sotheby’s, before opening his shop which offers a unique collection of fine art, period and contemporary furniture as well as design services.

You can order a copy of Flora’s new book directly from her website here. Congratulations Flora! It was a fab evening and a fantastic read!