Out and About: Art to See in New York 2023

Out and About

We're going 'Out and About' in New York to highlight some top exhibitions in the city's museums. Join us as we explore what's on this year...

We’re going ‘Out and About’ in New York to highlight some top exhibitions in the city’s museums. Join us as we explore what’s on this year…

Edward Hopper: New York at The Whitney Museum, until March 5th 2023

Edward Hopper’s ‘New York’ exhibition takes a comprehensive look at Hopper’s life and work, from his early impressions of New York in sketches, prints and illustrations, to his late paintings in which the city served as a backdrop for his evocative distillations of urban experience. Instead of the large architectural landscapes that we associate with New York, Hopper often chose to explore the deserted spaces and parts of the city that were overlooked. We especially love the way Hopper uses light in his paintings and there is something beautifully eerie about the way he works with shadows.

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Judy Ledgerwood: Sunny at Denny Gallery, until 11th February

‘Sunny’ is a solo exhibition of new work by painter Judy Ledgerwood. It confronts the viewer by using bright colours as a way to find common ground, whilst unsettling the viewing experience with pattern and texture. It’s no secret that we’re fans of bright and bold colours, so we were captivated by these eye-catching statement pieces and artworks.

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Designing Women: Fashion Creators and Their Interiors at The Museum at FIT (MFIT), until May 14th

This exhibition illuminates the profound connections between the worlds of modern high fashion and interior decoration. Drawn solely from MFIT’s permanent collection, explore more than 60 garments and accessories by 40 female designers, including Coco Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli, Ann Lowe, Mary Quant, Carolina Herrera and Anna Sui. The fashion items are accompanied by small photographs of interiors. The interiors range from luxe couture salons and apartments designed by the leading architects and interior decorators of their time, to modest ateliers and homes decorated by designers themselves. This exhibition was made for us!

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Craft Front & Center at Museum of Arts and Design (MAD), May 22nd – November 29th 2023

Assembled from the eclectic richness of MAD’s permanent collection, ‘Craft Front & Center’ brings together more than 70 iconic and lesser-known works to highlight key touchpoints in craft’s history. Challenging traditional thinking of craft as bring separate to fine art, the exhibition reveals the field’s engagement in art’s major movements, such as Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, and Postmodernism, whilst also launching its own revolutions, particularly in providing increased visibility for many female artists and artists of colour.

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