Out and About: Chateau du Champ de Bataille

Out and About

This weekend we visited the spectacular Chateau du Champ de Bataille. Come 'Out and About' with us as we share some highlights from our visit...

This weekend we visited the spectacular Chateau du Champ de Bataille. Situated in Normandy, it was built in the 17th century. In 1992 Chateau du Champ de Bataille was bought and renovated by French architect and designer Jacques Garcia. Garcia has worked on the restoration of the Palace of Versailles and has restored French furniture at The Louvre. The restoration has taken 30 years to complete and last weekend we made a visit to see the spectacular chateau. Come ‘Out and About’ with us as we share some highlights from our visit.

The chateau has several glorious rooms open to visitors. The interior details are breathtaking and each room is filled with antique gems, many of which have been collected by Garcia throughout his travels.

Shelves lined with age-old books are every designer’s tool for creating a romantic interior. Here the library boasts high ceilings, low hanging chandeliers and its shelves were peppered with art and trinkets, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. We love to use plants and little artworks to break up a line of books. Find our tips on ‘Building a Library’ here.

We often say that a collection makes a space flourish. In one of the chateau’s grand apartments we discovered this collection of Imari porcelain. We love how the details of each piece complement the surrounding gold panel moulds.

Although each room has been extensively renovated, Jacques Garcia has honoured the chateau’s period design features.

Thank you for joining us on our Normandy adventure. If you’d like to explore this spectacular site for yourself, Chateau du Champ de Bataille is open to visitors until October 2022. chateauduchampdebataille.com

An equal amount of attention has been given to the gardens. The gardens were originally designed by Andre Le Notre who was a renowned French landscaper and principal gardener of Louis XIV. Referencing the original sketches, designers have added modern touches to create a contemporary and stylish landscape. The gardens are often referred to as ‘Versailles of Normandy’ and are listed as one of the ‘Remarkable Gardens of France’ by the French Ministry of Culture. Composed of around 20 different gardens, you’ll find waterfalls, fountains and a tropical greenhouse with 800 varieties of orchids and other exotic plants. As you can see, our youngest member of the team seemed to really enjoy the gardens herself!