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Out and About: Mythical Creatures at The Serpentine?

I was walking home from Soho at dusk last week and I passed Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland which seems to grow exponentially. There’s always a buzz of excitement at this time of year and the neon lights of big wheels and other extreme looking rides lit up The Serpentine.

I had to double-take upon seeing gigantic fish and what looked like flying dinosaurs swooping over the water. It had been a long day of meetings and I couldn’t be sure my imagination wasn’t running away with me, but sure enough, it was there!

These mythical creatures were being projected onto the spray of The Serpentine’s water fountain. I scanned a nearby QR code and discovered the installation was to celebrate a new extension for a video game: Jurassic World Evolution 2: The Early Cretaceous Pack.

I have to admit this doesn’t mean much to me. My Mythical Creatures are much more folk art than video game, but I did really appreciate this incredible visual and immersive simulation which looked more alive than ever!

Apparently this video game expansion pack includes ‘more than 75 prehistoric species’, an impressive number that will include ‘all-new flying and marine reptiles, brought to life with captivating realism’. Players need to build enclosures, aviaries and lagoons to contain these animals for visitors’ viewing. This really is designing, where dinosaurs can be individually customised with bold new colours and patterns.

I’m loving the Geosternbergia and Sinoceratops!

Completely by chance, I was treated to this stunning aquatic display as prehistoric creatures came to life on the water. I was in the right place at the right time and spontaneous events like these are what makes London so alive!

My walk home was made complete after seeing the Royal Albert Hall lit up and shining bright in a red hue. It’s true that you need to be in the studio to create and get work done, but I can’t advocate the power of getting out and about enough! Remember to take time to wander, explore and discover.

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