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Out and About: The Old Cinema

We’re always on the hunt for unique and interesting antique pieces for our hotels, particularly at the moment for our upcoming Warren Street Hotel in New York. On a sunny afternoon last weekend, we ventured out to look around The Old Cinema in Chiswick.

As the name suggests, this showroom is in a converted cinema and offers antiques, art deco and mid-century furniture, lighting and art. It appears small on the outside, but step inside and it opens into a winding multitude of areas – it really is just like Doctor Who’s TARDIS!

As we entered, this antique post box caught our eye. These were manufactured in England between 1870 and 1910. They were generally made in oak and were inspired by architecture. Featuring roofs and lockable doors they were often found on the reception counters of hotels.

We loved the bold colours and textures of these armchairs. They have been upholstered in vintage Kilim rugs and their cheerful colours would instantly lift any space. They looked incredible against the blue painted wall with these complementary colours playing into one another.

It’s no secret that we love Swedish furniture and we found this Swedish desk and cabinet. It has beautiful architectural details of dentils at the top and columns down its side which give it an elegant structure. The faded original paint enhances its antiquity. What a magnificent piece!

The friendly face and details of this wood carved panther also caught our eye. There was a sense of movement as if he were on the hunt and we loved the texture of his fur and prominent whiskers.

Below is a 3D cut-out of a herd of cows made from upcycled metal by village artisans in Rajasthan. This instantly transported us to the unique and fabulous hustle and bustle of India and the chaos when a large herd of cows attempt to cross a main road!

It also reminded us of the Crosby Suite at Crosby Street Hotel, where a small collection of hand painted cows bring an extra layer of colour and character to the sideboard.

We loved this trio of large ‘Verdigris’ lanterns with their faded yet energetic colours, as well as the texture of their spiked chains.

A pair of 18th century engravings had beautiful details of dogs, badgers, otters and foxes. The mischievous face on the fox stood out in particular. It looks as if he was up to no good!

We also loved this antique 19th century Wedgwood washbowl with its blue wisps and flower chains. Wedgwood was founded in 1759 where the first independent potter was set up in Burslem, England.

Fast forward to over 260 years later and we feel honoured to have our own collaborative collections with a brand that is so well loved. Shop our Mythical Creatures and Sailors Farewell collections here.

We hope this blog has inspired you to get ‘Out and About’ to find unique antiques. Share your finds and favourite places to visit with us @kitkempdesignthread

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