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Out & About: Swedish Underground Art

It’s not often that an underground train station is referenced as ‘must-see’ in the design world, but Stockholm’s unique stations are a reason to travel underground.

The blue line on Stockholm’s T-Centralen is emblazoned with incredible murals by the artist Per Olof Ultvedt. In 1957, he painted these stunning blue and white leaf creepers which climb the walls around you.

At the top of the escalator, there are silhouettes of the workmen who built the station on the ceiling.

These stunning large-scale designs remind me of the way we use bold statement prints in our own hotels. In the Lafayette Room at Crosby Street Hotel in New York, my ‘Monsoon’ wallpaper for Christopher Farr Cloth brings a softness to the scheme. As in Stockholm, it is easy to forget that you are many metres below ground.

The blue and white vines intertwine with leaves and birds. This design was inspired by artworks painted on the walls in African huts before the monsoon washes them away.

Interesting design can elevate any space and make you feel good, even on your daily commute. Per Olof’s’ underground artworks are living proof that beautiful design is timeless design.

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