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Out & About: Sunbury Antiques Market

On the first and last Tuesday of every month, we often find ourselves racing the sunrise to Kempton Racecourse where Sunbury Antiques Market is already in full swing.

The 6.30am start is not for everyone but the early bird always catches the worm, or in our case, the best bargains and deals to snap up!

With over 700 stalls, there is something for everyone. You will spot lots of industry insiders walking through the aisles sourcing hidden treasures, from a Victorian mahogany carved console table, a pair of stone sentry dogs or a Botero inspired sculpture of a buxom beauty.

If it’s textiles you are after, Sunbury Fair is a veritable treasure trove of contemporary designs and beautiful antiques.

On our last visit, we happened upon a rare extract from the Bayeux Tapestry, real or fake, we will never know!

We loved this collection of vintage kimonos. Kimonos are an artwork in their own right and look striking framed on a wall in a Perspex box, as we have done in room 512 at The Soho Hotel.

It’s a long day, so make sure you’re topped up with coffee and a bacon baguette. Don’t forget if you are planning on a big shopping spree, you will need to bring a van or you can hire someone on the day! Happy hunting!

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