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Out & About in New York: Wayne Pate

Last week we had the pleasure of visiting the Brooklyn studio of artist Wayne Pate. In his light filled studio, tucked into the beautiful Brownstone that Pate also calls home, we caught a glimpse into his creative world of graphic colour and textural layering.

Pate often pairs his bold subject matter and fresh colour palettes with beautiful antique frames that immediately add a sense of intrigue to the works. A charming combination of old and new brings the artwork to life beautifully. Pate often uses pieces of canvas to collage and create layers beneath the paint.

In addition to his artwork, we loved the collection Pate did with Studio Four textiles. Much of the collection was very reminiscent of Pate’s earthy reds, azule blues, and his distinct graphic shapes. The ‘Grove Citron’ fabric, which we used in Knightsbridge Hotel’s Room 104, stood out with its zesty colour palette.

Since the success of his first collection, we heard a little whisper Pate is working on a second line of textiles with Studio Four. We can’t wait to see more from Wayne Pate.

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