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Out & About: Blooming Marvellous in Amsterdam

With the Christmas markets and twinkling canals, Amsterdam was a great weekend retreat over the festive break. During the season of the pines and spruces, I visited the Rijks Museum where I saw my first tulips reaching out of each spout of this Delft Blue Tulip Pyramid.

I was lucky enough to attend the Rembrandt – Velazquez exhibition on Spanish & Dutch masters where I got my next floral fix. These still-life floral arrangements have flowers from varying seasons which suggests they were painted over a long period when various flowers came into bloom. These masterpieces have inspired us to take a look at how we incorporate floral bouquets into our interiors.


The lobby of our traditional and romantic Covent Garden Hotel is framed by an antique large scale floral woven fabric on the theatrical dividing curtains. Upstairs the classic floral designs are continued on the tapestry covered Berger chairs in the Drawing Room.

In the bedroom of the Terrace Suite at Ham Yard Hotel, there are two types of floral arrangements. On the mannequin and bed tester we have used a Pukka Print’s ‘Posy’ fabric. The headboard and sofa cushions have been made up in Sanderson’s ‘Flower Pot’ design. Although the motifs are similar, playing with scale creates a more contemporary look in the space.

Objects & Sculpture

In the Bloomsbury inspired Charlotte Street Hotel, we added these metal sculptural bouquets which flank the fireplaces in the Lobby and the Drawing Room. These striking features are beautifully contrasted with the softness of the floral fabrics on the chairs and cushions.

In the Drawing Room at The Whitby Hotel, a sculptural lamp base made from floral platters is an example of how you can transform something from the ordinary to the extraordinary.


In the Corner Suite of The Whitby Hotel, the beautifully framed Grisaille painting adds a traditional twist.

These framed portraits of Queen Elizabeth II add a burst of colour and humour to The Crosby Bar in New York, another playful way we incorporate floral bouquets in our designs.

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