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Our Tips for Concealing with Design Features

Concealing essential yet unsightly interior elements is a work of art and so we thought we’d share some smart and creative ways to disguise these functional eyesores…

Hidden Doors

A jib or pocket door have a long history in architecture, often serving as entryways to private chambers or secret rooms. These discreet openings are designed to blend seamlessly with their surrounds and create a concealed and unobtrusive appearance. We use them frequently in our interiors to conceal and integrate kitchenettes, wardrobes, utility and interconnecting rooms. This creates a visually pleasing solution.

The Soho Residence at The Soho Hotel
Junior Suite at Knightsbridge Hotel

For this project, we concealed a complete bar. Here you can cook a meal or serve a round of drinks. As soon as you’re finished, the design allows you to neatly hide everything away.

Power of Paint

Although essential, structural pillars can be a real eyesore and disrupt the visual flow of a room. However, we see pillars as an opportunity to have fun with paint, wallpaper or even pebbles to blend them within your interior schemes!

The Whitby Hotel Lobby
Refuel Restaurant at The Soho Hotel
Ham Yard Restaurant

Paint the grills of air vents to seamlessly match the walls. In our hotels, we paint our air conditioning grills to create a camouflage effect – talk about a disappearing act!

Residence 24 at Ham Yard Hotel
Residence 24 at Ham Yard Hotel

Fabric Wrapping

When furniture becomes damaged or worn, it doesn’t necessarily mean it should be replaced. Fabric wrapping old furniture pieces gives new life and adds a contemporary twist. Here we have wrapped a chest of drawers in our ‘Over The Moon’ fabric for Andrew Martin.

Junior Deluxe Suite at Covent Garden Hotel

Wrap Around

We love using fabric on our walls, however sometimes loose threads can run astray. Braids and trims are the perfect way to conceal fraying fabric along dados, adding a detailed element of sophistication and flair.

Covent Garden Suite at Covent Garden Hotel
Covent Garden Suite at Covent Garden Hotel

We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring these creative solutions. Share your interior designs with us on Instagram @KitKempDesignThread.

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