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Our Guide to Styling Bookcases

Bookcases are a source of inspiration, imagination and of course, finding that special book. There is something so comforting about having walls lined with books. It creates a place where time stops and silence is most desired. Here we will share with you our guide on how to style a bookcase.

1. Lighting

A bookcase can be utilised as another light source in your room. Doing so helps to draw attention to a favourite book. The best position for LED strip lights is at the bottom and back of your bookshelves. This means the light fixture can’t be seen and gives the books a magical glow. We also recommend putting these lights on a dimmer switch to help set a mood. Light fixtures can also be placed at the front of  your shelves. Small wall mounted lights can be used on the shelf rather than on the walls. This introduces light at different levels and helps one to dive into that novel and not miss a word.

2. Side by Side

Sometimes the size and shape of books will dictate how they are arranged on a shelf. We love to experiment with different arrangements. Instead of having your books stood-up like soldiers, try introducing horizontal stacks or leaning books diagonally to add character.

3. Sculpture

A bookcase isn’t just for books! Adding items like sculptures and plants will make your shelves more dynamic. These could be small sculptures of animals, candelabras, abstract forms or large reliefs that are built into the shelves. If you are looking for some new sculptural pieces for your library area, visit Shop Kit Kemp’s Artists Corner.

4. Hanging Pictures

You might think that a bookcase means less room for hanging paintings but as you know, we never stick to the rules! We have been known to hang artwork directly in front of our bookcases. As well as breaking into the horizontal and vertical lines of your books, this brings colour, shape and texture. Artwork can also be propped against the back of the bookshelf.

5. Back of the Shelf

A bookcase also gives you a new opportunity to experiment with colours. The inside of the shelf can be painted a different colour to the front facing surface. Once your books are placed on the shelf, only a small amount of the behind wall will be visible so this is a great way to be bold and brave with your colour choices. Take a look at Design Threads: Decorative Painting at Home for more ideas.

We would love to see how you style your bookcases. Tag #kitkempdesignthread on Instagram. Be brave, bold and bring variety to the conventional bookshelf!

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