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Our Guide to Creating Window Displays

Whilst we are known for our interior designs, we are no strangers to creating compelling window displays. First incorporated in the late 19th century, it was the early to mid 20th century that saw window displays progress into statements of art. Join us as we share our tips and tricks for creating a memorable window display.

Be impactful…

It takes just 3 seconds for people to walk past a window display. That means in 3 seconds your display needs to entertain, surprise and create desire. You must create such an impact that people will stop and engage with your display. When we created a display for Julian Chichester’s showroom window at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, we played with a combination of bold colours to create a striking and playful visual. Taking inspiration from Piet Mondrian, we painted the back of the bookshelves in pinks, oranges and yellows. To follow the scheme, we used a combination of colours for the sofa which also complemented the colours of a Lily Pad Spring rug from our collection with Annie Selke. Adding a touch of humour and charm can make a window display more impactful and memorable. We covered the side and back walls in our ‘Starry Sky’ wallpaper, making the space feel like a jewel box.

We let creativity run wild and we’re never afraid to apply our homemade crafting skills when it comes to display design! Find our ‘Design Threads’ blog posts for crafting ideas here.

Tell a Story…

Since window displays are often changed, they can be used to create a narrative. Tell a story with your design that’s easy for the viewer to understand and remember. In a display we created for Porta Romana at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, we designed with just three elements: lighting, wallpaper and furniture. These elements were enough to deliver a message to convey the launch of our collaborative Rockin’ Robin light collection.

We carefully placed a number of the lights, including the Sleepy Robin table lamp and the Sunny Robin floor lamp. Suspended from the ceiling is our large Rockin’ Robin chandelier, which sits centre stage. Each light has a porcelain egg with a beautifully crafted robin that hangs from a delicate white stucco branch. Once turned on, the eggs emit the warmest glow. In the right hand side of the window, we have a more refined and structured scene with wall lights perfectly spaced, acting almost as an art installation.

Show your character…

Your window display should always have a sense of character as this will communicate your brand’s identity, even at a quick glance. Our window display for Kit Kemp’s Design Studio at Ham Yard Village is a great example. Here we have expressed our interior design remit by showing off a mixture of textiles, furniture and colour. Our applique chairs communicate our dedication to craftsmanship and our love for colour is expressed by our Inside Out for Christopher Farr wallpaper.

Earlier this year saw the arrival of our collection with Annie Selke, Papillon Wallpaper and the launch of our Artists Corner, so it was time to introduce a new scheme to the space. See how we used our redesign to convey a new message – one that shines a light on some of our favourite artists, makers and craftspeople…

Find your inspiration…

Gene Moore, pioneer of window displays for Tiffany & Co. showed us how the most impactful designs are those which are relatable to the viewer. Over time, window displays have developed and are focused on seasonal themes. Some even vary every two weeks! Here are some inspired window displays created by our Design Studio’s Celia Lindsell

Has a window display stopped you on your feet recently? We would love to know! Share your favourite window designs with us on Instagram @KitKempDesignThread 

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