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Our Dapper Dog Collection with Fine Cell Work

On today’s blog we are delighted to share our latest collaboration with one of our cherished collaborators, Fine Cell Work. A charity dedicated to supporting prisoners and prison leavers in their journey towards reintegration into society, with the aim of breaking the cycle of reoffending and reimprisonment. Our new collection is full of cushions and pouches adorned with charming depictions of our beloved and faithful companions, dogs!

Fine Cell Work provides high-quality needlework training to inmates and ex-convicts, offering them a purposeful and professional activity that enables them to earn a salary. The intricate embroidery showcased on the ‘Beagle Hand-Stitched Dog Cushion’ exemplifies the exceptional craftsmanship learned by prisoners, with delicate chain stitches adorning the dog’s coat and fine French knots detailing its whiskers.

Fine Cell Work often combines various decorative techniques such as appliqué and embroidery, making our collaborations with them even more special. Their mission is to provide former prisoners with opportunities to rebuild their lives in a hopeful and meaningful way. The background of these delightful cushions is crafted from 100% wool, a natural material prized for its tactility and durability, making it ideal for appliqué work.

Each design is inclusive, catering to prisoners of all skill levels, allowing them to contribute to the creation process. From the wagging ‘Labrador’ to the charming ‘Dachshund’ with its sweeping eyelashes, these canine-inspired cushions and pouches are now available for purchase. We hope you adore them as much as we do. You can now shop our new range here.

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