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Our Bergdorf Goodman Jewel Box

On the seventh floor at Bergdorf Goodman, New York, the Kit Kemp Design Studio has opened a jewel box full of treasures. We are delighted to announce that this newly installed permanent spot is our life size box of tricks, a postage stamp filled to the brim with everything Kit Kemp.

This colourful little delight is currently home to many of our favourite pieces, alongside lots of new and exciting additions all just in time for Christmas.

Having collaborated many times with Bergdorf Goodman, we were overjoyed to be invited to open up our very own permanent shop. Our new space is a magnitude of bright jewel-like tones, fun furniture and decorative oddities to add character to your home.

The walls are decorated with my own ‘Wychwood’ and ‘Unicorn’ wallpaper designs. We plan on changing this little space seasonally and we can’t wait to show you what’s to come. For now, let’s take a deep dive into everything this little shop has to offer.

One of my favourite pieces in the collection has to be this statuesque and tailored mannequin. We wrapped it with a little belt in my brand new braid trim. This addition instantly gives a twist to the fabulously tailored ‘Over the Moon’ fabric in grey on the bust.

On the walls behind are some of our newest ABC painted letters by Mimi. Each artwork is so detailed and special. There is just one of each letter, so once they are gone they are gone. I hope they find wonderful new homes.

Sometimes a room needs a sprinkle of magic – found here in our one of a kind mushroom domes which are dotted around in various sizes.

Another beautiful piece is our new fabric lined mirrors. We created a collection of these wooden framed mirrors surrounded by my fabric designs. Here we have ‘Bookends’ which looks so striking against the electric blue wallpaper. Beneath sits one of our bespoke embroidered Pippa Caley sofas, adorned with handmade scatter cushions. Each cushion is an array of beautiful floral designs, made from vintage and hand dyed kimonos.

The shelves are filled to the brim with wonderful trinkets, from painted miniature cat boxes, to one-of-a-kind ceramic candlesticks.

Another favourite is the bright green paper gypsy caravan and three sets of beautiful paper slippers. It’s a wonderful combination of magical and whimsical pieces to add a fun twist to any interior space.

Since the space itself is a jewel box of colour and vibrancy, we have created wonderful handmade paper treasure boxes. I have a few of these at home on my dressing table and love how they are both naive and sophisticated.

To complement my ‘Sailor’s Farewell’ and ‘Mythical Creatures’ Wedgwood tea services, we designed these perspex trays, each filled with my fabric designs. This tray which frames ‘Chubby Checker’ in green is so much fun.

We love these delightful mosaic plant pots. They are a wonderful way to bring life and joy to your garden, or act as ornaments in your home. They are so cheerful and versatile and look great grouped together like a little installation.

Thank you so much for stopping by and exploring our new shop. If you can’t make it to New York and dive head first into this box of treasures, head over to Shop Kit Kemp where you can find lots of fun gifts and ideas from our range of homewares.

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