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On the Horizon

With spring on the horizon, ushering in longer days and a renewed sense of vitality, we’re excited to explore how the horizon line principle enriches our interior spaces, fostering balance and harmony. This conceptual line, evoking the meeting point of the sky and ground, symbolises the observer’s eye level within a space, so join us as we walk the line.

The dado rail, an architectural element, serves as a grounding force, offering both decorative flair and structural cohesion within a room.

Open shelving creates an illusion of expansiveness, effortlessly defining boundaries in an open space while promoting order and balance. These horizontal lines guide the eye, evoking a sense of vastness and openness.

Strategically placed artwork serves as a visual anchor, extending the gaze across the space and evoking the grandeur of a vast horizon. It adds an unexpected focal point, enhancing the sense of openness and intrigue within the room. Our bespoke lighting installation by Martin Richman at Haymarket Hotel, skillfully captures the serene transition of hues found in a horizon, transforming the space into a visual masterpiece reminiscent of expansive landscapes. It’s truly a feast for the eyes!

Thoughtfully positioned mirrors create the illusion of spaciousness and depth, particularly effective in smaller rooms. Whether spanning from floor to ceiling or serving as backsplashes in kitchens or on shelves, mirrors amplify the sense of expansiveness, creating an enchanting play of light and reflection.

Panoramic windows act as portals to the outside world, seamlessly merging the interior with the exterior. Aligning these windows with the viewer’s eye level blurs the boundaries between inside and out, echoing the harmonious transition of the horizon in nature.

Banquette seating, with its low-profile horizontal design, establishes a visual connection to the horizon when positioned along a wall. These elongated lines create a fluid flow, contributing to a sense of balance and harmony within the space.

We hope we have inspired you to discover new ways of bringing the horizon into your own living spaces!

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