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An Ode to Oak

As summer temperatures soar, we love sitting in the shade of trees with a cold drink in hand. We are particularly fond of our five oak trees in Ham Yard Hotel’s courtyard. The first items to be considered for the site, the oak trees were craned in and the hotel was built around them. We honour our appreciation of all things oak throughout our designs. Explore some examples with this ‘Ode to Oak’…

The Oak Leaf Suite at Ham Yard Hotel

Nested above the courtyard’s oak trees is the Oak Leaf Suite. The shining star of the room is a statement headboard. Hand embroidered, it has highly stylized oak leaves made using natural dyed yarns and reused plastic bags. The bed cushions and mannequin also don the exquisite motif. Explore this space further with our ‘Sleeping Around’ blog post here.

Oak Beams

The ceiling is just as important as any other surface in the room, but often gets left behind in the design process. It’s the reason why the ceiling often gets referred to as the 5th wall. Adding additional texture and cosiness, the oak beams of this sitting room create a prominent feature. Exposed beams create interest and can make ceilings as beautiful as the walls!

Oak Flooring

You’ll find oak flooring throughout our hotel spaces. Detailed in texture yet extremely durable, oak floors provide a perfect foundation to our schemes.

The lobby at Knightsbridge Hotel

Heart of Oak Fabric

Our Heart of Oak fabric is new from our Design Studio. Available in a variety of colourways, the simple motif sings. The textured twill cloth is soft and the texture helps to give the colours added depth. Explore our design further in this blog post here.

Oak Furniture

As fans of wooden furniture, we often incorporate oak pieces within our bedrooms and restaurants. This stained oak dining table begs for a dinner party and stands the test of time!

Oak Leaf Suite at Ham Yard Hotel

We hope you’ve enjoyed this celebration of oak and the ways it can be used within design. Share your favourite examples of oak with us on Instagram @KitKempDesignThread.

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