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No Friend as Loyal as a Book

As creatives, we’re always looking to inform ourselves and bring innovative ideas to our spaces. Inspiration is found through exhibitions, galleries or simple day to day life. As an old saying goes, ‘there is no friend as loyal as a book’ and whether you’re an accredited designer or a novice for exploring colours and textures, we have put together this book guide to give your creativity a boost!

Trading Textiles: Fifty Years of Advertising for Fibres and Fabrics 1920 – 1970 -Ruth Artmonsky

Ruth Artmonsky’s background is in statistical and occupational psychology. After taking a degree in economics and social work, she began her career assisting a psychologist in Wandsworth Prison. The book compares the different styles of advertising firms driven by design: those that were science based, those focused on furnishings and others relating to fashion. Covering the mid-20th the book not only illustrates what was happening in graphic design, but also the changing character of the textile industry itself.

From Palaces to Pre-fabs: Pioneering Women Interior Decorators and Designers  – Ruth Artmonsky and Stella Harpley

We can’t talk about Ruth Artmonsky and not mention another brilliantly insightful book which explores how women of the 20th century attempted to influence our taste when it came to how we lived. From those associated with the Suffragette movement who both designed and sold furniture, to the post-war generation of women who broke social rank and empowered themselves. From Palaces to Pre-fabs sets out to restore the reputation of such women working in what was the largely male-dominated world of interior design.

Color Theory: A Critical Introduction – Aaron Fine

This book is an introduction to the history of colour theory. It goes beyond the classical colour wheels, mixing and interaction to provide you with practical guidance and intellectual history about the various cultures that espouse them.

Women in Abstraction – Christine Macel and Karolina Lewandowska

If you don’t get the chance to see the incredible exhibition at Paris’ Centre Pompidou, we highly recommend you immerse yourself in this book which explores the history of female artists who specialised in abstraction. From Carmen Herrera to Alma Woodsey Thomas and Sonia Delaunay, it emphasises the work of many of the woman who suffer from a lack of visibility and recognition.

Carmen Herrera - Iberia No. 25 (1948)
Alma Woodsey Thomas - Iris, Tulips, Jonquils, and Crocuses (1969)
Sonia Delaunay: Prismes electriques (1914) - Centre Pompidou Collection

Design Secrets – Kit Kemp

If you are looking for something more oriented to interior design, check out our latest book from Kit Kemp. Full of unique, lively and informative tops including dos and don’ts and creative projects. This book will help you implement fresh and exciting new ideas into your living space. It even comes with its own colouring-in book to help you explore new colour ideas.

The Golden Thread: How Fabric Changed History – Kassia St Clair

From the threads woven by the Greek Fates, the bandages that wrapped Egyptian mummies to the wool that made medieval England rich, this book is a gem that narrates a very detailed history of fabric and textiles. It’s full of insight and surprising facts.

These are just a handful of books amongst a wide range of fantastic titles which are there for you to enjoy and discover. We hope you enjoy our suggestions – share what books are helping you to get creative by tagging us on Instagram with #DesignThreads.

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