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New Year, New Direction

Embrace the new year as a chance for a fresh start in your home. The new year is a great time to explore new design elements and redefine your home. With this in mind, we have put together a few of our favourite ways to elevate your home.

Start by creating a sense of arrival, this can be achieved by purposefully arranging furniture or incorporating striking sculptural artwork into a room. A round entrance table, with its soft organic edges, gently guides you into the space. It’s also an opportunity to enhance the ambiance by styling the table with an inviting tablescape featuring seasonal florals and unique sculptural elements (as shown below).

Introducing a sizable sculptural centrepiece, such as our Tony Cragg sculpture in the Haymarket Hotel lobby, is a great way to captivate and intrigue, effectively drawing individuals into your space and leaving a lasting impression.

The sun is the celestial compass that bathes our world in light. Take a moment to observe the natural light in your space and determine its orientation to the sun. In the UK, if you’re lucky to be south facing this optimal orientation permits more natural light to enter the space, thus allowing for more soft and airy colour schemes.

In spaces where ample natural light is limited, soft, dimmable lighting becomes an essential element. In our basement event space at Covent Garden Hotel, an oversized circular chandelier serves as an anchor, dispersing warm lighting, reminiscent of the sun’s glow.  We have also used mirrors to enhance the space by reflecting light.

Explore the idea of incorporating a conservatory within your home; extra windows and skylights provide an excellent opportunity for an influx of sunlight, enhancing the overall brightness of your living space.

Infuse drama into your spaces by directing your gaze upward! Consider floor-to-ceiling curtains, mural wallpaper or statement oversized artwork. This not only elevates your space visually but also creates an illusion of grandeur, transforming it into a vertical wonderland that sparks awe and creativity.

Embrace the art of wayfinding in your interiors. Introduce design elements that guide seamlessly through your space, creating a visual narrative. Strategically incorporate rugs, floor lighting or patterns to establish pathways leading to different functional zones. Use art as playful cues for your unique design adventure.

We hope we have inspired you to start 2024 by exploring new design elements and redefining your home!

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