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National Nestbox Week

From February 14th to February 21st, National Nestbox Week is celebrated. In 1932, environmentalist Edward Max Nicholson organised a meeting at London’s National History Museum to recognize the importance of creating homes for our wildlife. This special event is observed to help people make nest boxes for birds. Here at our Design Studio, we love creating homes for all kinds of different animals. Join us as we share some of our favourite animal homes from around our hotels!

When we designed our Secret Garden at New York’s Bergdorf Goodman, we incorporated these colourful bird boxes. We love the unique details and can just imagine the personality of the birds that would nest in these artful homes.

If you would like to make your own nest boxes, you can find some useful tips on the official website for Nestbox Week here.

At Crosby Street Hotel, we have built a home for our chickens. Perched on the hotel’s rooftop garden, these chickens live the life of Riley in their chic New York abode!

Deck out your outdoor spaces as we have done here on Ham Yard Hotel’s Roof Terrace. Our colourful birdhouses are surrounded by colourful vegetation and plants.

Number Sixteen is known for a gem of a garden with a pond that’s home to koi, but we’ve also placed birdhouses by the entrance of our townhouse hotel. Here birds have a place to relax in the midst of London’s South Kensington.

We couldn’t forget to mention our furry friends! We love to create decadent palaces for cats and dogs. You can request dog beds and Cat Castles when visiting our hotels. Here your pets are very welcome.

Coming soon at Shop Kit Kemp is our Cat Castles which are painted with exquisite detail and full of character, they make happy homes for a furry friend.

We hope you’ll join us and celebrate National Nestbox Week! Share your nestbox creations with us on Instagram @KitKempDesigntThread.

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