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National Horse Protection Day

Each year at the beginning of March sees ‘National Horse Protection Day’. It campaigns to help find forever homes for unwanted horses. We’d like to take them all if we could! Horses are one of our most beloved animals – along with cats and dogs – so we thought we’d share how we’ve celebrated these majestic creatures…

One of our most cherished paintings is seen here in Ham Yard Hotel’s Library. This painting is called ‘Ploughing on the South Coast’, painted by the impressive female artist, Lucy Kemp-Welch. We love how there is so much movement and dimension found within the painting. A glimpse of Lucy’s life can be seen in this painting which we truly admire.

From 1st April, you can visit ‘The Art of Lucy Kemp-Welch’ exhibition in Bournemouth’s Russel-Cotes gallery. For more information, click here.

Robina Jack is another admired female artist who depicts horses within her works. Robina’s main medium is patterned ceramics and paintings found on wood. We love her distinctive aesthetic which celebrates nature and animals, especially horses. In the Drawing Room at Ham Yard Hotel, we’ve framed a collection of Robina’s plates in Perspex, they look so bold against the black felt backing. The horse certainly stands out with its character!

This statement headboard in room 1408 at The Whitby Hotel depicts a horse through the art of applique. The scene was inspired by an illustration on the top of an old black lacquered box. The intricate details were then appliqued and embroidered by using remnants of vintage kimono fabrics.

Our ‘Great Plains‘ fabric for Andrew Martin has a special place in our hearts. Inspired by Native American art, Great Plains depicts elaborately head-dressed hunters riding with their pack of dogs and surrounded by decorated quivers and feathered bows and arrows. Full of life-like character and colourful culture, the chase continues beyond the fabric, spinning the intrigue of an imaginative story.

Inspired by the creatures in our Mythical Creatures design, this horse applique cushion brings cheer to any space. Find our ‘Mythical Horse Cushion’ at Shop Kit Kemp.

Thank you for joining us with our celebration of horses. Finally, here’s our Design Studio’s very own Willow Kemp, who is a master at horse riding – go Willow!

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