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Music Matters

Our interiors have a fun, energetic and holistic feel. We always try to appeal to all the senses, but one that is often missed is the sense of sound. Moods can be quickly altered by the right music so we often like to play tribute to this sense by incorporating instruments and musical features into our interiors.

In the Crimson Bar at The Soho Hotel, a jukebox sets the party scene. The fluorescent retro jukebox is a bold focal point, contrasted against the dark fabric walling. We created ambiance with the pendant lights by Porta Romana and the ‘Cocquine’ dots fabric by Jean Paul Gautier on the stools and cushions.

In the triple height Bollywood spill-out area at Ham Yard Hotel, over-scaled Indian characters dance amongst the lilies and tropical trees. A handsome man charms a lady with his flute. We designed this wallpaper to create a painted look on hessian. Large vintage sci-fi movie posters add drama.

At The Whitby Hotel, a violin sits upon a coffee table in the drawing room. This violin case was designed by my daughter Willow. It is covered in travel stickers that have been designed to look old and worn. When opened, the case plays the sounds of gulls and seaside noises from the English coastal town of Whitby.

In The Croc Bar at Ham Yard Hotel you are greeted by a silver grand piano in the corner of the impressive space. We hope you are able to find a seasoned player to serenade your next party.

These organ pipes are used both as a decorative feature as well as a partition wall dividing Ham Yard Restaurant from the busy bar.

In the entrance of Haymarket Hotel, an antique harp has been given a second life as a side-table, adding a structural dimension to the space.

We often incorporate music into our artworks. In the more traditional suite 1007 at Crosby Street Hotel, the ‘Music and Muses’ prints by Duncan Grant flank the fireplace.

This hand-painted cupboard captures the sense of joy in the expression of playing music, depicting a quirky monkey on a vibrant backdrop.

Real music can bring instant joy. Come and try to spot some musical hidden treasures whilst listening to live music at The Potting Shed at Dorset Square Hotel every Tuesday evening or on Mondays in Oscar Bar & Restaurant at Charlotte Street Hotel.

Every Friday, The Whitby Bar in New York comes alive with a three piece jazz band. One can feel very New York as you sip on a martini whilst listening to saxophonist Sam Taylor accompanied by double bass and drums.

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