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Muggles: Our Favourite Mugs

Whether you are a black coffee person or a soothing turmeric tea drinker, there is nothing nicer than enjoying it from a beautiful mug.

Here at the Kit Kemp Design Studio, we love a good cup of tea. A highlight of our day is when someone pops their head around the door to ask if anyone wants a brew.

Mugs tend to be something one collects over the years. A decorative mug always makes a lovely gift or even bought as a memento of a favourite holiday. They don’t have to be a set like teacups, and in fact, we think the more mismatched the better!

Here are some interesting facts about mugs:
1. The word mug derives From “mugg”, the Scandinavian word for a drinking vessel
2. They have been around in one form or another since the Neolithic ages, where we drank from animal bones
3. The evolution of ceramics meant that people could show off their artistry by painting or etching into the clay
4. They tend to have the handles on the left hand side so that the majority of the population can see the design whilst drinking

Just like every room should tell a story, ceramics can do just that too. Our designs with Wedgwood feature roaming ‘Mythical Creatures’ and our latest ‘Sailor’s Farewell’ design depicts wavy seas and a sailor’s loved-one as she waves goodbye on a rock with her scarf flying in the wind.

Hand painted, etched, dipped, glaze or textured, there are so many joyful variations. Whether they are pride of place in the kitchen or tucked away in a cabinet, everyone has their own style preference. Our favourite? Mugs with feet!

We have rounded up our favourite mugs at home. We’d love to see the best from your collection. Tag us on Instagram using #DesignThread.

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