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Out and About: Molly Mahon’s ‘Bloom’ Launch

This week we attended British printmaker and textile designer Molly Mahon’s new fabric launch ‘Bloom’, hosted at Haymarket Hotel. Molly’s ‘Bloom’ collection is inspired by the concept of ‘a seed of an idea that blooms into a collection’. She presented 5 new pattern designs, showcasing a balance between graphic and organic patterns.

Dahlia flowers have strongly influenced this collection, represented through a variety of colours making this the star of the collection.

The ‘Vases’ design is inspired by Molly’s fascination for ‘the wonderful shapes and silhouettes of vases over the ages’. Making her own vases and growing her own dahlias gave her a closer connection with the shapes and colours she could work with.

At our Design Studio we really cherish Molly’s work and her appreciation for craftsmanship. Molly talked us through the process of making these fabrics from concept to completion: Her drawn designs are made into carved wood pieces. The designs are laid out to make a composition and the carved wood pieces are used for block printing. The whole process is handmade, emphasising the richness of this method and the value of this process.

We were lucky enough to be greeted with a gift box to make our very own hand block pieces. We can’t wait to try this ourselves!

The collection will be available from March 2023 and we have already started to think about where we can incorporate Molly’s beautiful new designs into our future schemes. Visit or follow Molly on Instagram @mollymahonblockprinting for updates.

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