Artist Spotlight: Daniel Reynolds

Meet the Maker

Join us as we explore Daniel Reynolds striking mobile sculptures and a look into his charming 1930's studio warehouse in Camberwell...

We love collaborating with artists from around the world, as their creativity brings us endless inspiration and joy. This week, we had the privilege of visiting one of our favourite artists, Daniel Reynolds, in his charming 1930’s studio warehouse in Camberwell.

As we entered the studio, we were greeted by the warmth of a fire-fueled stove, casting a cosy glow over the space. Hanging from the lofty 4-meter ceilings were Daniel’s iconic mobile sculptures, their gentle movements seemingly imbued with a life of their own. Scattered throughout the studio were various pots, bowls, vases and objects, adding to the artistic atmosphere.

This collaboration exemplifies his commitment to bridging modern art ideology with traditional craftsmanship. Reynolds’s engagement with the Caribbean didn’t end with his residency. He continues to foster relationships with talented young ceramic artists, guiding them on specific projects and promoting cultural exchange and artistic innovation.

Influenced by his upbringing in Caracas and education in England, Reynolds seamlessly integrates elements of Venezuelan modernism and geometric abstraction into his sculptural work. During our discussions with Daniel, he shared insights from his time spent doing a residency in sculpture on the Spanish-speaking Caribbean island of Margarita. While there, Reynolds immersed himself in the deep-rooted traditions of local pottery and mentored young ceramists, contributing to the revitalisation of traditional pottery practices in the village.

Through his collaboration with artists like Juan Bermúdez, Reynolds aims to honour the rich heritage of Venezuelan ceramics while pushing boundaries and exploring new artistic frontiers. The culmination of his efforts will be showcased in a forthcoming exhibition scheduled for February 2025, in a prestigious gallery in Caracas.

We hope you’ve enjoyed looking at Daniel Reynold’s inspiring pieces, you can see more of his work here.

We commissioned Reynolds to create a mobile for our pop up at Bergdorf Goodman in New York. He developed an entirely bespoke mobile and three of his gorgeous pots.