Artist Spotlight: White Pomegranate

Meet the Maker

Explore the detailed work of designer Harmeet Kaur Ghumman and her company: White Pomegranate...

Here at our Design Studio we are always thrilled to get our hands on new fabrics and meet with suppliers. Something non-negotiable is the quality of a fabric’s touch. Whether it be in the quality of printing or hand embroidery, we have a keen eye for special fabrics. This is why we’re thrilled to share the work of designer Harmeet Kaur Ghumman and her company: White Pomegranate.

Harmeet has developed designs and hand embroideries for esteemed brands such as Hermes, Oscar De La Renta and Chichi Cavalcanti to name just a few. She spent 6 years working at the distinguished house of Osborne & Little. Harmeet is very conscious of the impact that the textile trade has on the environment so the idea to create with natural materials is very central to her practice. Her search for craft methods around India is never ending.

The designs are all made by hand, then they are transformed through local craft mediums. These are split into categories: Traditional hand block print, screen print, hand ikat weaves and hand embroidery. It is an example of true craftsmanship. All designs are made with bespoke colours and they are customised to fit the project you are working on.

Hand Embroidery:

Natural embellishments are used on the fabrics such as wooden beads, glass beads, cotton threads, raffia and pure wool. These embroideries are made by master artisans. Here are some examples that we loved…

Harmeet’s studio is nestled in the heavenly coffee plantations of the Western Ghats in India, where she lives with her husband and two children. When she’s not working in her home studio, she travels between India and England. Harmeet recently visited our Design Studio to share some of her latest crafts. Here is our Design Studio’s Ann-Marie with Harmeet’s embroidery work…

Here is a monochromatic and geometric printed pattern with beads and raffia are embroidered onto the print, creating depth and texture. The attention to detail is inspiring…

They often feature an embroidered colour palette – take a look at the bottom right corner. This is such a charming touch!

Here is a lovely bespoke cushion design for a client…

Hand Ikat:

These are made on a large scale handloom using VAT dyed colours on cotton and linen. VAT dyeing is the oldest and most traditional method of dying which ensures great colour fastness. Using premium cotton and linen fabrics also ensures these weaves have a great texture and luxurious weight to them.

Hand Block Print:

Teak wood blocks are used and printed onto cloth by hand. It requires huge precision, particularly on the more regular and geometric designs which has to be carried out by skilled artisans. GOTS certified pigments are used – this means that the pigments have minimal stress on the environment.

We are so excited for Harmeet and her new ventures. Watch this space to see how we incorporate her designs into our new schemes. Explore more of her designs here: