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Meet the Maker: Nana Wolke

On today’s blog we would like you to meet Nana Wolke. Nana is a Slovenian artist whose painting allows her to test the vantage point at which images are recalled and recorded. Last week, we had the privilege of stepping into Nana’s captivating world. She welcomed us on a sunny morning into her studio in Long Island City. Flooded with light, her paintings shimmered with colours and grain – like an old 35mm film.

Nana’s creative journey starts on set, where her passion for film and theatre finds expression. Immersed in the process of curating aesthetics and conceptualising fleeting moments, she meticulously orchestrates scenes, capturing snippets of both backstage intrigue and front-stage allure through various mediums, from traditional film cameras to cutting-edge security cameras.

These few weeks/months spent on set is the source for Nana’s work. For a few months following, she edits, crops and reframes the work to fit her painting medium. And just like that, her series are born. From intricate details to sweeping architectural vistas, Nana’s distinctive style weaves together a tapestry of recognisable forms and elusive impressions, blurring the boundaries between reality and imagination.

Her creative process is a testament to her patience and precision, with each layer of colour and texture meticulously curated to evoke a sense of wonder and intrigue. As she prepares for upcoming exhibitions in Paris, London, Basel, and New York, Nana’s enigmatic creations continue to captivate audiences worldwide. Here are a few of our favourite pieces we spotted in her studio.

We were privileged to discuss her upcoming exhibition in New York City, set to debut in May, and we invite those in the area to experience her captivating work firsthand.

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