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Meet The Maker: Katrin Moye

We’d like to introduce ceramicist Katrin Moye who has recently joined our Artist’s Corner at Shop Kit Kemp. Katrin’s ceramic practice expresses the realisation of research, exploration and interrogation of classic and historical literature, found texts and decorative art. Driven by a deep fascination of the unique relationships between individuals and objects and an enchantment with the ceramic output of 16th – 18th century Europe, her practice brings the past to life with joy, energy and humour. Join us as we ‘Meet The Maker’…

How did you find your passion for ceramics? 

I fell in love with ceramics around 1982 during my time at a secondary school however, I lacked confidence in my fine art abilities which led me to study Art History and English Literature. In the mid-90s, I rediscovered my connection with clay through an evening class and this ignited a passion I couldn’t ignore. I established a home ceramics studio, refining my throwing and decorating techniques.

The collection for Artist's Corner at Shop Kit Kemp includes these ceramic candlesticks - perfect for the tablescape...

What has inspired your use of repeated traditional patterns in your work? 

I have a natural affinity for repeat patterns. My journey began with an admiration for mid-century modern aesthetics, gradually drawing inspiration from historical periods such as the Huguenots’ silk weaving patterns in the 18th century, Grinling Gibbons’ wood carvings, the ornate facades of Italian Renaissance cathedrals, and the bold Tudor wood-framed houses.

Can you tell us more about your love for European ceramics from the 16th -18th century?

I’ve always been captivated by surface decoration as much as the vessel’s form, which draws me strongly towards Delft and Majolica styles. Delftware holds a special place in my heart. Their expressive painting of figures, animals and trees vividly reflects the era’s essence – be it daily life, politics or humour. Majolica, too, shares this narrative spirit, but it’s pattern-making seems to carry a more controlled and commemorative air.

What inspires you to make decorative pieces and what do they mean to you?

I’ve always grappled with my love for visual art and literature. My work has evolved with each piece reflecting my emotions and interests during their creation, inadvertently evoking a visual diary. I’m drawn to the ‘more is more’ approach. It’s a balance between my affinity for lush decoration and the clean beauty of untouched surfaces.

Where is your favourite place to display ceramics in the home?

I’ve designated specific ‘zones’ for different ceramics in my home. The bathroom embodies literature and politics. The living room hosts heirloom crockery and my great-grandmother’s coffee set. Both spaces feature my signature blue and white spotty patterned tiles.

Find more of Katrin’s beautiful ceramics on her website or at Artist’s Corner, Shop Kit Kemp.

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