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Meet the Maker: Anna Raymond

Today, we are delighted to shine the spotlight on Anna Raymond, an exceptionally talented artist who seamlessly blends traditional printing techniques with cutting-edge technologies, resulting in fabric prints that are both gritty and vibrant. Anna’s work is now available on Shop Kit Kemp here.

Anna’s creative journey was ignited by her A-level Art teacher, whose progressive thinking inspired her to explore imaginative avenues. Her foundation year introduced her to a plethora of creative media and like-minded individuals, setting her firmly on the path to artistic expression.

Drawing inspiration from eclectic sources, Anna describes herself as an obsessive collector. Whether it’s the quaint treasures found in junk shops, snippets of conversations with friends, or the raw graffiti etched on a bathroom door, Anna finds beauty and meaning in the mundane. Her work serves as a personal reflection, capturing moments in time that resonate with her or her clients.

Screen printing holds a special place in Anna’s heart, serving as her creative sanctuary since her early days in art school. While she continues to embrace traditional techniques, Anna isn’t afraid to venture into the realm of digital innovation. Her love for vibrant colours, particularly neon shades, infuses her creations with a dynamic energy that constantly evolves through layers of experimentation.

Anna’s studio is a treasure trove of inspiration, teeming with intriguing objects, notebooks brimming with ideas, and a kaleidoscope of fabrics accumulated over decades of exploration.

When asked about dream collaborations, Anna’s admiration for Cy Twombly shines through. While she humbly questions her own worthiness, the opportunity to witness Twombly’s creative process first-hand would be an unparalleled experience. For Anna, Marrakesh is a sensory playground, a vibrant tapestry of colour, texture, and chaos that fuels her artistic spirit. The city’s intensity mirrors the essence of her work, making it an ideal destination for creative rejuvenation.

It was a pleasure chatting with Anna, and we eagerly anticipate witnessing her artistic journey unfold. To explore more of Anna’s captivating creations, visit or follow her on Instagram @annaraymondartist.

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