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How To: Make an Impact with Rugs in Your Home

We love using rugs in our schemes! When introduced to a space properly, they can create cohesion between a scheme’s patterns and colours. Here are some tips and examples to help you find the perfect rug for your home…

Runners are a great way to help lead the eye from one space into another. They also help to fill the void that so often makes hallways and lobbies feel unfinished. Here, the complementing blue tones of the runner, lead you into the next room where you’ll spot our recently launched ‘Lantern Parade’ wallpaper for Andrew Martin.

Our Annie Selke Hotline Woven Kilim rug is full of punchy colours, from aqua blues and hot pink to buttercup and russet. In this scheme, the colours are reflected throughout the upholstery and artwork, tying all of the elements together so it feels cohesive.

When looking closer at the texture of this woven wool, you can see the tonal variations in the yarns. This will add a soft and natural texture to your space.

Think about your space and how you will be using it. When getting out of bed it’s wonderful to have a plush and soft carpet or rug underfoot. Here, we’ve used our Lily Pad rug which is made from micro looped wool.

When choosing your rug, think about its role in grounding your space to reflect the vertical elements within the room. Here, our very own Always Greener rug in Navy reflects the blue on the walls, headboard and cushions.

Zone and fill your spaces! When working with a big space, you may want to add a foundation to an area such as seating or dining. This will help to populate the gaps and create interest.

Here, colours of the ceiling and artwork are reflected in our bold and block coloured Graphic Tufted rug. Adding bold block colours will create a juxtaposition to earthy wooden furniture and sculptures.

Antique rugs are a fantastic way to add a touch of the unexpected. Your space will instantly feel timeless and layered, as we have achieved here with a mismatched pair of Turkish Kilims. Using the same style of rug helps bring these two spaces together.

We hope we’ve given you some new ideas to help introduce rugs into your home. Join us next week, when we’ll explore how to choose the best flooring to complement your spaces.

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