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Out and About – Maison&Objet and Paris Déco Off

We’re busy at the Design Studio, sourcing and scheming for our upcoming Warren Street Hotel which is set to open in 2023. Last week a group of us set our alarms early and took the Eurostar to Paris for a day of creative sourcing and inspiration. Here’s what we found when we went ‘Out and About’ in the French capital.

Our first stop was the Maison&Objet exhibition which was full of hand crafted furniture and decorative objects. These armchairs instantly caught our eye. They are handmade in Nigeria by the Yoruba tribe using tiny glass coloured beads to create vibrant and colourful patterns and were used as the chairs for Kings and Queens. The intricate details are impressive, showing the craftsmanship and dedication put into each piece.

Other chairs that caught our eye were more raw and organic in their form. The below are carved from the trunks of cedar wood trees, where the tree has been hollowed to create a soft cocoon. We tried them out and they were very comfortable too! They evoked a sense of calm and you could smell a soft scent of cedar when sitting inside them. 

We can envision these vibrant ceramic Sicilian heads sitting on shelves in an orangery and with different greenery planted for their hairstyles!

We also stumbled upon these friendly under water creatures. Suspended from the ceiling, the whale is made from wire mesh. We loved how the artist has managed to portray a gentle and friendly face. The wooden sculptures depict a shoal of fish in different shapes, sizes and colours. There was a sense of movement in the way they were displayed, as if they were on a great journey under the sea.

We discovered an abundance of colourful woven-cased carafes and bottles on display. Placed on a very high shelving unit, the mixture of colours and intertwined patterns felt playful and instantly uplifted our moods.

Another interesting piece that caught our eye was this cabinet. The intricate details in the wood carving and its faded colours show the antiquity of the piece. When looking closely you can appreciate the craftsmanship and we loved the addition of the friendly beasts in the top corners. At the same stand, these Indian holy cows showed such a gentle expression in their faces.

We even spotted this chair upholstered in Kit Kemp’s Ozone fabric for Christopher Farr.

Our next stop was Paris Déco Off where the interior and fabric shops of Paris celebrate home décor and new collections. The streets were decorated with giant lanterns covered in fabrics and showrooms put on beautiful displays. We spent a while admiring a display of French textile documents and archives dating back to 17th century. The Pierre Frey showroom was also another favourite. With its vibrant colours, we picked up a few samples for our future schemes.

As the showrooms closed and before we caught the last Eurostar back to London, there was time to watch the sunset over the river Seine. A moment of still after a busy day of being out and about.

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