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Lights, Camera, Action!

We love a good movie! Many of our hotels have movie theatres as well a Weekend Film Club at The Soho Hotel, Covent Garden Hotel and Charlotte Street Hotel.

In the lobby of Ham Yard Hotel’s theatre, there are two large movie posters that have been scaled-up and printed on canvasses. The relation between movies and interior design can be very strong and interesting. Set design transports us to a new world and serves us inspiration. Join us as we explore set designs from some of our favourite movies and compare them to our own schemes.

The theatre lobby at Ham Yard Hotel.

Hotel Chevalier (Directed by Wes Anderson – 2007) 

Wes Anderson’s movies are globally known for a distinctive narrative and visual style. The use of colour is key to his movies and reflects a strong personality. Hotel Chevalier reminds us of a recent residential project, where we have featured a striking yellow wallpaper. We always say that if you know how to use colour properly, there is no reason to not go big. Using this large-scale print instantly added character while still feeling very calm and cosy.

The Shape of Water (Directed by Guillermo del Toro – 2017) 

If you have seen this movie you might be wondering how it can possibly relate to any of our work, but the character of ‘Giles’ has an apartment that has a resemblance with our design studio. There are walls covered with pictures and just like our studio, he is surrounded by everyday tools for inspiring new creations. Like every great designer should be!

Knives Out (Directed by Rian Johnson – 2019)

Wood panelling, shelves full of books and an escritoire that gives magic to the entire space. If you are familiar with our hotels you might have already noticed the resemblance between the set design of this crime mystery film and The Library as well as The Drawing Room at Covent Garden Hotel.

Paddington (Directed by Paul King – 2014)

The classic story of Paddington Bear was made into an animated movie. The set was acclaimed for its use of colour and its many scenes around London. This set reminds us that even kitchens can have fun design schemes. The vibrant colours remind us of a kitchen we recently designed in another residential project.

The Great Gatsby (Directed by Baz Luhrmann – 2013) 

The Great Gatsby reminded us of the power and strength of using red in a room. We often use red in our hotels to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. In The Crosby Suite at Crosby Street Hotel the soft, brick red colour contrasts with the cool blues of the sofa. This adds texture and picks out the blues from the sofa fabric perfectly, creating a striking contrast against the walls.

We hope this has shown that movies are a great source of inspiration when making a scheme and we are always in awe of the set designers who are dedicated to creating imaginative interiors for the big screen. If we’ve put you in the mood for some movies and a glass of Champagne, join us each weekend at Firmdale Film Club.

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